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Use and maintenance of wooden doors

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Reasonable use and maintenance is prolong wooden door life,It's actually a very simple thing.

In general, users should fulfill the following requirements when using and maintaining:

1.The door plank of wooden door, door covers all use lumber or wooden base material to make, although pass moistureproof processing, but still cannot resist the long-term immersion of water, in daily use process, should avoid as far as possible with water contact.

2.Do not open the door locks with wet hands or splash corrosive solvents onto wooden doors and locks.Do not push too hard when opening or turning the door handle.Hinges and locks are movable parts, which should be tightened immediately when loose.

3.The cladding material on the surface of the door panel not only has the function of decoration, but also bears the function of moisture-proof and protection. If it is damaged by accident, it should be repaired in time to avoid greater deformation caused by moisture entering the door panel.

4.Do not  to install pendants or hang heavy objects to reduce doors life. Prevent wooden door to be hit abnormally, when opening and closing door leaf, force should moderate, avoid by all means force is too fierce or open Angle is too big, the regular use that the strong impact of repeated can damage door to absorb.

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