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The ability to capture consumers continues to increase, and the upgrading of Jinmashou brand also continues

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During these years, we have received so many customers from home and abroad to visit Jinmashou. When you see the intelligent factory workshop of Jinmashou wooden door, you can deeply understand the advanced intelligent wooden door manufacturing equipment and fully automated production line in the workshop, and see the process of exquisite wooden door products from scratch, no one will not be shocked.


Taking wooden door as the core, expanding the business scope and product line, and realizing the coordinated development of enterprises and customers is a development strategy formulated according to the needs of consumers and terminal sales, and also a new model established by jinmashou in combination with market development in order to develop brand wooden doors. The development of large home furnishings is to further meet the needs of consumers for home decoration style, color matching and one-stop shopping. It is also to meet the demand of wooden products matching with jinmashou wooden door products. It is also a support for the development of enterprises in an increasingly competitive environment.


With continuous efforts to boost the home furnishing strategy with wooden doors as the core, Jinmashou has high requirements on production and technology. However, we have accumulated a long time in the field of wooden doors and can provide you with solid support from the rear. In the future, we will continue to explore the development mode of whole house solutions, and expect to continue to use attitude oriented design and products to bring comfort and comfort to more consumers Stable, ecological and aesthetic personality home.

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