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Some tips of sliding barn door

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Because there are many introductions in the Internet and magazines, you may also know the basic style of barn door. The doors of the theme house are usually quite wide and high. In order to support large and heavy doors, suspended metal parts are also very solid.

In fact, the door used for interior decoration is much smaller than the door of the warehouse, and it is very light. From the practical aspect, even the very small and light metal parts can support, but if a metal part with the bone exposed as a whole is specially left, it is a kind of modern bar door with strong tone.

The places to be used include the main room, the door separating the dining room space, the entrance door of the public space, etc. If considering the door of the toilet and study room, please consider that the gap between the door frame and the door will be slightly larger than that of the general sliding door, and plan to pay attention to the atmosphere.

As for color, the ferrous metal parts with low iron style are often used, but the metal parts of stainless steel and silver series with a little beauty can also be seen recently. Maybe solid white and dark gray doors are good. On the contrary, if we use the large and bold door made of rough boards like barn door, it will create a powerful male atmosphere, which is very handsome.

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