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Healthy wooden door is the future trend

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In the eyes of ordinary people, a wooden door does not seem to have any other function except for isolation of the room, but a good wooden door can make a big difference in your life. Jinmashou has been focusing on wooden doors for 18 years, constantly innovating and improving to create a higher quality, higher cost-effective and healthy wooden door, so as to keep your home healthy.


Good material makes good wooden door, Jinmashou selects material strictly, environmental protection and high quality are the standards, 117 manufacturing processes, each link is controlled by professional technician, 45mm gold thickness, sound insulation, effective insulation of cold and hot air, in line with home aesthetics, more importantly, environmental protection and health, the whole manufacturing process is pollution-free and environmental protection production, and the formaldehyde content of wooden door is lower than drinking water standard after testing. You can use it immediately as soon as buying it.


As we all know, the harm of decoration pollution to human body is very terrible, and it will cause irreparable results seriously. Therefore, healthy decoration will be the future trend. Jinmashou produces healthy and environmentally friendly wooden doors, which is the choice of home safety. Jinmashou ensures the health and safety of each user.

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