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Beauty and strength coexist inJinmashou

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Simple design makes people bright. When the combination of simple line segmentation and color matching, the wooden door has its own soul and unique personality. The products designed by golden horse head can easily enter the eyes of consumers.

Jinmashou will be rigorous and professional attitude into each production process, each batch of raw materials must be carefully selected, each product edges and corners must be finely polished, only for strict standards, the production of good quality wooden doors.


Jinmashou is committed to providing industrial research and product innovation for the customized home furnishing industry. It has a number of patents and a high level of digital production management. It focuses on the development of the home furnishing industry, insists on continuous upgrading, and promotes home furnishing intelligent manufacturing. It can be said that the manufacturing process, quality and the degree of factory automation, intelligence, digitization and flexibility all reflect the advanced level of jinmashou wooden door manufacturing.


Quality comes from details. Jinmashou has been focusing on the production of wooden doors for 20 years. With the development of the times, the design concept is constantly improving, and the production technology of wooden doors is also increasingly refined. When the two meet, high-quality wooden doors will naturally appear, and the beauty and strength of jinmashou will coexist. As always, jinmashou will develop and manufacture products that consumers trust.

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