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Business is growing day by day, Shandong jinmashou with sincerity to let customers rest assured and satisfied

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At this moment in Shandong jinmashou production workshop inside very busy, production departments are racing against the clock. Walking into the workshop, we can see that the supervisors and the production and technical personnel of various departments perform their respective duties, and the overall progress of this export order is too busy to stop. In order to guarantee the quality of each product, we should ensure the quality of each product. In order to ensure the timely delivery of goods in the later stage, all departments should have a clear division of labor, adhere to the coordination, management and other behind the scenes work to ensure the timely delivery of our products.


China's wooden door products have played an important role in the overseas market. China has become the world's No.1 wooden door production base and consumer market. Data show that in recent years, China's wooden door foreign trade has maintained a high growth trend. With the transfer of industry and stable demand, wood door consumption in developed countries such as Europe and the United States will rely heavily on imports of Chinese wooden doors. Shandong Jinmashou, as one of its members, plays an important role in the export of barn door products. Especially in North America, a large number of imported barn doors are now dependent on golden horse head.


In the second half of 2020, the overall domestic market demand rises steadily, and the export market also recovers significantly. The wooden door export trade of Shandong Jinmashou is active and rising continuously. The foreign demand for wooden door varieties is increasing year by year. The industry of Jinmashou has also ushered in a new round of development climax. Jinmashou is good at learning and innovation, treats people sincerely, keeps faith and values righteousness, and is a good partner you can trust firmly.

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