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Advantages of barn doors

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As the demand of people increases ceaselessly, the sort of door also is richer more and more, also had more choice when decorate.The barn door is one of the most decorated doors. So, what is a barn door?What are the advantages and disadvantages of barn doors?If you don't know much about this, take the questions with you and learn from us.

What is the barn door?

Barn door refers to a kind of interior decoration door, which was originally a kind of warehouse door common in foreign farms. Later, it was innovatively designed and applied to interior decoration.


Advantages of barn doors:

(1) simple installation: the barn door is actually a kind of sliding door, and its track is open to the outside, so the installation method is very simple.

(2) saving space: compared with other types of sliding doors, such barn doors save more space, and solve the problem of being unable to install push-pull moving doors due to small openings.

(3) it has sealing property: since the barn door is installed, it has better sealing property.Therefore, the barn door is in the modern interior decoration, the most common is installed in the kitchen, the study and the main bathroom and other fluidity of the place.

(4) highly decorative: in people's impression, the barn door is often considered to have the flavor of American countryside. However, the modern new barn door has been processed and designed with rich colors and shapes and is more decorative.


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